/ˌserənˈdipitē/ noun. 1. desirable accidental discoveries 2. good fortune; luck

Day 365: bowl of pho on Flickr.

comfort food to ring in the new year.

new year, new start!

(a little late but better late than never!)

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Day 365: bowl of pho on Flickr.
comfort food to ring in the new year. new year, new start! (a little late but better late than never!)

Day 364: I’m so glad I met you on Flickr.

I really am :) #endofcheesiness

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Day 364: I’m so glad I met you on Flickr.
I really am :) #endofcheesiness

I wanna get lost in the city, forget my name, any pain and just be content for a slight moment. Blend in and feel the easiness of my breath. No worries but just the foreignness soaking me in, absorbing every bit of me, making me a part of them.

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I feel right at home with the thunder
The rain comforts me
Not sure what to do with myself
Thirsty, had one - two many drinks
Just two.
Drowning out reality with the smell of raindrops
Settles into me
Reality finally hit me
And I’m okay with it
The sounds of thunder
Beats along with me
It’s sure
It’s fine
I think too much
Please be kind.

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This song is ours
It pinches at the slightest feelings and remnants of us
Emotionally heavy with remorse, realization and maturity
The ending of our story
“We reached the climax”
Beat by beat, it sings to my heart’s song
The pain reflected with each syllable
Reminding me that I am still in pain but in a better place
Never did I expect to find comfort in this sad song
“It’s too late”
Rhythm and flows
Life goes on…
We reached the climax.

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Loneliness has a way of creeping up on you
You think you’re okay but then you start thinking about the good ol’ days
Days you made me feel like I was irresistible, your queen
Queen no more, drowning in a flood of memories
Holding on doesn’t matter
So I think back,
Buddha said things not meant to be should be let go gracefully…
I shall let you go my sweet memory and the pain that came along with it

Bye babe, you never liked me calling you baby…

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She looked down on the working woman
But she never realized that these were working hands
They weren’t asking for handouts
She worked, legitmately
Long hours and long days
On her feet at times
Pulling out her back
But no,
She could not look past the fact
That she was a working woman
Guess what,
You’re nothing special.
Don’t look down on a working woman
And think that you’re all high and mighty
Because your attitude stinks
And that is negative a million.
Don’t judge a book before you even read it
Because you’re shit out of lock and …there will be someone else there to appreciate it.

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Our memories made me cry.
Our memories made me smile.
I couldn’t help feel heartbroken
I just don’t know.
How it all ended.
It’s like I don’t know you anymore
And honestly, that’s okay
I never knew him either.
Perhaps I did never give him a chance
I can’t really blame anyone but myself
It was my choice to say yes
A yes should not have existed
Clearly, I’m damaged
Damaged, broken, not perfect
My obsession with perfection scares me shitless
But I know nothing else
Because when everything around me crumbles
I try to hold on and I try to be perfect
I know perfectly well that I’m not perfect
I’m less than perfect
I try so hard and I know it doesn’t matter
But it matters an ounce to me
Because I tried so hard to belong
Because I probably never belonged
Because I’m me…
And I’m broken
Accept it…
But I can’t

Because I’m not perfect
And that’s the only thing I ever wanted alongside being loved



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